Purpose: Nueva Vida's most vital outreach is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation of believers. The Children’s Outreach receives the most focus of all the outreaches due to the importance of continued church growth for the future.
Service to the Community: The desire of Nueva Vida is to touch the future generations by focusing on the children and youth in the community today.
Provides children and youth services and programs during adult outreach services. The services are designed to be engaging and biblically sound.
To encourage engagement of children and youth in the community, Nueva Vida provides shows, games, and a variety of activities while presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ. Food is always provided as part of the outreaches. It is paramount to meet the physical needs as well as the children and youth’s physical needs.
To encourage engagement of children and youth in the community by passing out candy, small toys, school supplies, etc. This allows the love of Christ to be seen in their lives.
Due to the high cost and limited availability of items to pass out during the outreaches, the ministry is limited by aforementioned constraints.